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Sonja's Spa Spot

Sonja’s Spa Spot is located in the historic district of Exeter, NH on the Exeter River with a lovely view of the village.  We hope you will take some time for yourself and enjoy a soothing and beneficial treatment in our peaceful intimate setting. We believe in the healing power of touch and know that when you feel good you will look your best which of course makes you happy!

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Signature Facial Treatment 80+
Completely customized treatment featuring exfoliation, massage and a mask based on your specific skin needs.
Teen Facial 65
Helps manage acne breakouts.
Skin Resurfacing Treatments 65
Based on analysis of your skin, Lactic, Salicylic, Glycolic, includes a hydrating blanket mask.
PCA Chemical Peels available upon request.
Deep Pore Cleansing Facial 75+
Addresses congested skin. Maximum extraction followed by a soothing neck and scalp massage.
The Ultimate Spa Facial 100+
Customized skincare treatment with the added benefit of a soothing hand or foot treatment and plumping and hydrating collagen mask treatment.
High-Frequency Treatment 25
Great for managing breakouts between facials.
Series of 5 High-Frequency Treatments 100
Add On
Collagen or Hyaluronic Blanket Mask 20 Hand Relaxation Treatment 20
Foot Relaxation Treatment 20
Hot Oil Scalp Treatment 20
Enzyme or AHA Treatment 25


Petite Manicure 18
This dry manicure includes shaping of the natural nails, hydrating cuticle oil, and polish application.
Sport Manicure 22
Designed to create a natural, clean look by soaking and shaping of the natural nail, treatment of the cuticles and a nourishing hand massage.
Essentials Manicure 28
Enjoy this hydrating manicure created to moisturize your hands by soaking, shaping of the natural nails, treatment of your cuticles, nourishing hand massage and polish application.
Gourmet Manicure 40
The ultimate hand treatment. Includes a gourmet soak, an exfoliating scrub, shaping of the natural nails, treatment of your cuticles, a luxurious mask, warm towels, a nourishing hand massage, followed by a polish application. *Gel polish can be added for an additional charge. Please note additional booking time is required for a gel application.
Petite Gel Manicure 32
This dry manicure consists of shaping of the natural nails and application of the gel polish.
Gel Manicure 40
This dry manicure has the benefit of shaping of the natural nail, treatment of your cuticles, gel polish, a nourishing hand massage, and removal of the gel at your NEXT appointment and the luxury of walking out with instantly dry nails!
Gel Removal 10
Polish Change 15
French Polish 7
Custom Nail Art (pricing varies)
Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Brow Shaping 20
Lip 10
Chin 12
Face 40+
Bikini 35+
Brazilian Wax 60
Full Leg/Half Leg 60/40
Underarms 25
Back 50
Chest 45


Petite Pedicure 32
This pedicure includes soaking, shaping of the natural nails, light treatment of the cuticles and polish application.
Essentials Pedicure 45
Enjoying this hydrating pedicure created to moisturize your feet by soaking, shaping of the natural nails, treatment of you cuticles, exfoliation treatment of calluses, nourishing foot massage, and polish application.
Omit Polish Application 40
Gourmet Pedicure 60
The ultimate hydrating foot treatment. Choose from an array of gourmet soaks followed by shaping of the natural nail, treatment of your cuticles, exfoliation, treatment of calluses, a luxurious mask, warm towels, nourishing foot massage and heal glaze finish with polish application.


Eyelash Extension - Full Set 150+
Eyelash Tint 35
Eyebrow Tint 15
Make-Up Application 65
Make-Up Instruction 75
Mineral Make-Up Sales
Weddings and special occasion services available upon request.

Gourmet Foot Soaks

Milk Foot Soaks
Enjoy a rich, thick Milk Foot Soak that instantly calms dry skin. Our milk soaks contain coconut milk & chicory root.
Coconut Cream
Coconut milk, cow’s milk, chicory root, sea salt and sweet almond oil work in conjunction to soothe upset skin and reduce inflammation and swelling.
Delight in a rich, thick milk bath that nourishes tired and thirsty skin with notes of sweet peach nectar.
Butter Brulee
Dip into a creamy and sumptuous milk bath that nourishes dry and fatigued skin. Made with warm notes of creme brulee and butter you’ll be tempted to take a delightful sip!
Citrine Beach
Enjoy the scrumptious scent of coconut, lime and creamy rum, rich in vitamins C and A, this soothing bath brings a renewed look of smoothness to skin.
Mineral Foot Soaks
Relax and unwind with our beneficial Mineral Foot Soaks. Our custom blends include Atlantic Ceara, Pink Himalayan, and Epsom salts.
Lavender & Hibiscus
Scented with lavender oils is calming and relaxing.
Green Tea & Marigold
Scented with green tea and cucumber oils is soothing and has antiseptic properties.
Rosemary-Mint Tea
Scented with rosemary and mint oils is mood enhancing and provides pain relief.
Lemongrass Ocean
Scented with lemon, tea tree, ylang-ylang, and lavender is detoxifying, healing and moisturizing.

All Foot Soaks
All foot soaks include a warm shoulder wrap and a cup of tea.
Add a Soothing Foot Massage 15


Gourmet Foot Soaks

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